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Acting Classes & Workshops in Vancouver

Our Mission: To build a well-connected community of diverse and dynamic performers in Vancouver, by supporting today's students to work with them tomorrow. 


We focus on understanding human behaviour to authentically embody the lives of the characters we explore, while learning story, script structure, audition, and on-camera techniques. Our goal is to provide a variety of practical, healthy, and proven methods so you're able to find what works for you. 


We're proud to work with a group of working actors in Vancouver that are just as passionate about the craft as we are. Most also write, produce, and direct; some work alongside casting and are award-winning performers. Whether you're new to the biz or need a class to stay sharp, work with our awesome team of coaches to bring your work to the next level.


Film and TV classes are available for kids, teens, and adults. Classes are held in our casting studios to give each student the opportunity to explore, fail, and learn in a space they'll also work in when they come to audition! 

I just wanted to let you know that Brooklyn was at another acting school for 6 months and said she learnt more from her one class yesterday than she did in the whole 6 months at the last one.
Thank you so much!!!!

 - Velvet H. | Parent


referral discounts

Sign up with a new friend and you will receive (a one-time) $50 off your class tuition. $50 per friend you refer!

multi-class discounts

Sign up for two weekly classes that run concurrently and receive $100 off!

audition coaching and self-tapes discounts

As a current student, you will be eligible for discounts on audition coaching and self-tape rates!


Weekly classes are ongoing and rounds are adjusted to meet the needs of the specific students registered.

on-camera work (filming)

All on-camera work will be added to a private link, sent at the beginning of the term. The link will update automatically as more footage becomes available. 

materials & assignments

  • Assignments, materials and game plans will be sent out in weekly emails.

  • To simulate real audition scenarios, your new scene(s) will be assigned at some point within the week, including up to the afternoon before class. You are expected to come in fully off-book and ready to go. Class is a place to learn and fail, but that doesn’t change your level of commitment. 


  • All materials provided are casting confidential and for educational purposes only. Materials must NOT be shared, distributed, or posted online, to your website, or any other public domain.

  • Materials are assigned based on the individual's level of experience, hit, and goals. Consistent practice is key; our students realize it's a commitment and train year-round.

I’ve always wanted to begin acting but never knew where to start. Shoreline provided me with everything I needed  to know and learn about the industry. The kind and incredibly helpful staff was always open to answer my questions and helped push me to be the best I could be.

 - Diya D. | Student

How big are the classes?

Classes are capped between 4 - 8 participants. We keep our acting classes small and intimate so that each student is able to maximize their time working, while still getting the benefit of learning from each other in a group setting. 

How often are classes offered?

The majority of our weekly acting classes for kids, teens, and adults are offered year-round. We believe consistent practice is key. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop with new classes, workshops, and events happening at the studio!

Should I do group classes or private classes for acting?

The best part about group classes is that they give you the opportunity to observe and learn from your fellow actors. Acting is all about connecting and understanding human behaviour so where else but to spend your time with other humans? 

With private classes, it's all about you. This is a great option for actors who may want more flexibility in their schedule, have a specific focus in mind and want to hone particular skills. Private lessons are typically one-on-one and lesson plans will be catered to your desired focus.

How do I start my acting career?

Start with acting classes. Classes will not only help develop your understanding of the craft and business, but also give you the opportunity to build your community in the industry! It's the best place to explore, fail, and learn. As we always say, work with confidence knowing you have a solid foundation. Don't just be a good actor, be a smart one.

Do you need an agent to start acting? The simple answer is no. You can start acting simply by joining local theatre companies and, on occasion, there are open casting calls that don't require you to submit through an agency. However, acting is a business and you, as an actor, are a product. As you advance in your career, an agent will be an important asset to have. They will be your liaison between casting/production; simply put, they're a teammate.

Other things to you'll need to consider or prepare: 

Headshots: Start with two looks, one "commercial" and one "dramatic". Don't go overboard - the goal is to have realistic photos of you on your best day.

Resume: An acting resume is structured a bit differently from what a traditional resume looks like. When starting out, there will be lots of white space on that paper and that's ok.

How do I get an agent?

On our Industry Links page, there's a section that list the majority of talent agencies in town. As you go through each agency's page, make sure to read their submission requirements thoroughly. 


Remember that it's a two-way street. You're working for them, just as much as they are for you. Everyone works differently and there are a lot of personalities. As you start your search and narrow down your lists, we always recommend meeting with multiple agents so you're able to figure out who's the best fit for you.


Last, but not least, remember that it's never personal. Sometimes you don't hear back and that's part of the business. It can be for a multitude of reasons, some as simple as their roster being full or they already have another actor with a similar look or essence.  

Do I need a demo reel?

The purpose of a demo reel is to highlight your best work and traditionally, it is comprised of your professional work. If you're still building your resume and experience, putting together a demo reel will take time.


If an agency has requested a demo reel be included in your submission and you don't have one, it's not a dealbreaker. They may send you scenes to put on tape or you can offer a scene reel as an alternative option. A scene reel is comprised of two contrasting scenes, shot audition-style. The purpose is the same as a demo reel: to showcase your range.


Note: If you do not have any prior training, we strongly recommend you start with classes first before investing in producing a scene reel. This way, you can go into the sessions with a stronger foundation and use the time more efficiently.

What is filming in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a hot spot for film and tv productions! There are a lot of hallmark MOWs (movie-of-the-week) and legal/procedural dramas filming around BC. As actors, it's important to be familiar with the style and tone of the projects that are being cast and shot in town. Watch some shows and do your research!

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