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Scene Study

Intimate Classes   |   Work with Working Actors   |   Professional Casting Studios
Age Group
18+ Yrs
$270.00 + GST
Type of Course
4 Weeks
Max. Participants
6 Students
Vancouver - In Studio

In this ongoing class, you will explore complex relationship dynamics and learn to create nuanced characters that live beyond the text. Challenge yourself with high-level material and deliver performances full of depth, from beginning to end. 

Key Focuses:

• Script Analysis - Understanding character, theme, and plot with specificity.

• Connection - Being present and authentic with your scene partner.

• Relationship - Making informed choices that support every aspect of the story. 

If you are serious about your craft as an actor, then you know that investing time and effort into scene study is essential. Attendance is imperative. Actors will be paired up and expected to rehearse outside of class time to maximize their work in the room. 

Enrolment is subject to instructor approval and/or by invitation.

Please submit demo reel/class work with your application for review.


Dates: Aug. 6 - Aug. 27

Time: 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Instructor: Cody Kearsley


Dates: Jul. 18 - Aug. 8

Time: 11:00AM - 2:00PM

Instructor: Morgana Wyllie

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