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Into The Script

Intimate Classes   |   Work with Working Actors   |   Professional Casting Studios
Age Group
18+ Yrs
$405.00 + GST
Type of Course
6 Weeks
Max. Participants
6 Students
Vancouver - In Studio

There are no shortcuts to success, and this isn’t your traditional scene study class. Learn to love the process of breaking down a full script as you refine your technique and explore all the ways to truly embody a character.

You will tackle complex stories with demanding characters and be challenged to make new discoveries at every turn. To fully understand and carry out your character’s arc, you must know the ins and outs of your script. Each scene can not live on it’s own; learn to build depth with the links that drive your character through the story, while playing as presently as possible.

This ongoing class is designed to help actors know what they bring to the table, leave auditions with confidence, and walk onto set with ease.

Screenplays are assigned based on the actor’s experience, hit, and goals.


Dates: Jul. 24 - Aug. 28

Time: 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Instructor: Morgana Wyllie

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