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Building Character

Intimate Classes   |   Work with Working Actors   |   Professional Casting Studios
Age Group
10 - 12 Yrs
$350.00 + GST
Type of Course
6 Weeks
Max. Participants
6 Students
Vancouver - In Studio

Great things come in small packages. We know kids have big imaginations so what to do? Explore it... And then, well, explore it some more! As they learn about themselves and find what works for them, we'll help bring their uniqueness to the characters they take on.

In this ongoing class, we teach technique, focus, and confidence - the stuff that gets you the job. We challenge the actor to understand human behaviour. Actors will learn to channel their creativity, take direction, and explore their emotions through breath work and body and movement. How we introduce concepts will be modified to fit each particular age group. Materials will be assigned according to each actor’s level of experience. When working with audition scenes, we ask that parents set aside a little bit of time everyday to help their young actors come off-book. It’s a team effort and ten (10) minutes a day will do! We’ll take it from there!


Where are feelings? Funny question? Yes, but happy bubbles can live in your tummy, sadness can happen when you sigh, and you can feel very grouchy when you make a fist. How do you feel when you throw your arms up in the air? Our physical and emotional states are intertwined and we believe teaching kids about emotions this way is a safe way to explore them!


Less is more and it’s never more true when you are working within a tight frame. Learn how to work comfortably on camera, show relationship, use effective eye-lines, and suggest the character’s world without mime. Find out what happens IN THE ROOM with Casting Directors, and own your space!


Knowing your lines is a good start. Understanding the What and Why of what you're saying is the goal. To bring depth to their scenes and characters, actors will learn to ask the important questions and bring specificity to each choice they make.


Dates: Sep. 7 - Oct. 26

Time: 12:30PM - 2:30PM

Instructor: Toni Marie Nielsen


Dates: Sep. 8 - Oct. 27

Time: 12:00PM - 2:00PM

Instructor: David Kaye


Dates: Sep. 9 - Oct. 28

Time: 4:00PM - 6:00PM

Instructor: Jordyn Ashley Olson

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