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Audition on Camera

Intimate Classes   |   Work with Working Actors   |   Professional Casting Studios
Age Group
18+ Yrs
$405.00 + GST
Type of Course
6 Weeks
Max. Participants
8 Students
Vancouver - In Studio

Acting is an art, but auditioning is a skill. Prepare yourself for the new playing field as self-tapes dominate the audition world. ​ There are subtle nuances within each genre and every major network has a unique style/tone. This ongoing class is designed to take you through the range of productions. You will be challenged to understand the requirements and refine your choices, allowing you to consistently deliver your best work! ​ Now, being in the mix is just the start. You’ll explore all the ways to use your frame to your advantage and channel your creativity to make bold technical choices. Learn how to own your space with confidence, captivate your audience, and stand out while doing fearless and authentic work!

  • To simulate real audition scenarios, your new scene(s) will be assigned at some point within the week, including up to the afternoon before class. You are expected to come in fully off-book and ready to go. Class is a place to learn and fail, but that doesn’t change your level of commitment. Practice like you play.

  • Scenes will be pulled from recent/currently casting projects and chosen for each actor based on the individual's experience, hit, and goals.

  • Learn from top-working actors who’ve not only been in front of camera, but also in the room alongside casting. Get the inside tips!


Dates: Jul. 7 - Aug. 18

Time: 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Instructor: Cody Kearsley


Dates: Sep. 9 - Oct. 28

Time: 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Instructor: Morgana Wyllie

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