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Jordyn Olson


Actor | Coach

Jordyn Ashley Olson is a Vancouver based actress. She knew from the time she was 6 she wanted to act. Jordyn spent much of her time going to auditions and training to improve upon her skills.

Jordyn has had bookings on many of the local tv shows from FRINGE, SUPERNATURAL, and The IN-BETWEEN to a reoccurring on ONCE UPON A TIME. Lead rolls in Hallmark and Lifetime productions have given Jordyn the chance to really work on her craft.

In 2015 she booked her first feature role in The SHACK. From there she landed a supporting role in the 2017 feature DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE as well as a major role in the movie DAUGHTER in 2019.

Growing up, Jordyn learned about hard work, discipline, and commitment. She learned that if you love to do something you must work at it and continue to improve at your chosen craft.

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Jordyn Olson
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