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Get your head in the game!


A SlateShot is a 7 second video that brings your headshot to life!  It's your introduction to casting; telling them something about yourself that they can't read on your resume. It gives them an idea of who you are and what you sound like. The process is quick, easy and many casting directors use them to get to know the REAL you.  


As you only have 1 chance to make a good first impression, you should give it your best...and that includes getting your Slate Shot professionally taped.  Come to Mike Wollin Studios via Shoreline Studios.  Afterall Mike is considered the best Actor Services Videographer in Vancouver.  



$20.00 per Slate

We’ll upload the slate to your account for you!



Preparation:  As casting will click on your headshot to see your Slate Shot, it's best if you come looking like your headshot: same hair style, shirt (top), etc...


If, after looking at your headshot, you realize you need new one, why not get a SlateShot done at the same time.  Perfect for consistency with the video and headshot!  Ask your photographer if they can do your Slate Shot!



When all you have to offer is a video, make sure it's a cut above!


Shoreline Studios has been the professional actors' choice for taped auditions for the last 20 years. We are thrilled to partner with videographer extraordinaire, Mike Wollin of Mike Wollin Studios to provide full-time actor services here at Shoreline. Mike is the first choice for many of the productions in Vancouver and taped auditions for actors from coast to coast.


Mike's Direct Line: 778-389-7359

Raf's Direct Line: 604-396-3847


Yes, you need to bring the talent, but you also need to present yourself in a professional manner - which means the little things matter! The last thing you want is a casting director or producer distracted by the cat crawling in the background or whether or not they can hear you properly.


All sessions are done in our fully sound-proofed studios so you have the comfort of knowing the taping is done in a professional environment and a format the casting directors expect and are familiar with. It simply shows that you care enough about your audition to have it done right.



30 Minutes - $45.00 (TAX INCL)

45 Minutes - $56.00 (TAX INCL)

60 Minutes - $68.00 (TAX INCL)


We work efficiently so that you can too. We only bill for the time used.


Got a big audition coming up? Raise the stakes with our acting coaches!


Whether you need help with preparing for an audition in front of a casting director or want to prepare before you do a taped audition, our group of professional acting coaches will give you the extra edge you need to set you apart from the others.


Our coaches are full-time working actors who have a clear understanding of the casting process in today's market. They will help you understand the character, understand the audition process and help you prepare to make a great impression and deliver a solid audition.



60 minutes - $65.00


Please Note: Minimum 1 hour booking

Need a coaching AND taping?

give us a call and we'll help you set it up.


Are you a part of the #ShorelineSquad? Inquire about student rates!


Work with a professional to present yourself as a professional!



It's not an easy task, compiling your "scenes" for a demo reel, so turn to the professionals who can make the process easier and less intimidating.


With almost 15 years of Film and TV industry experience, our editors will work along side you and guide you through the entire process.


They will assist you in reviewing and highlighting your best clips, help capture your personality, work quickly, efficiently and will create the best demo reel for you.



- 1 Hour of "Sit Down" time with an editor to review and discuss the demo reel.

- Video Editing

- Color Correction

- Posting to the internet (link will be sent to you)

- DVD copy to take with you



60 minutes - $60.00


Please Note: A typical reel takes 2-4 hours to edit.



Did you just get an audition, BUT are "stuck" on set or simply can't get to us?

Call Reels on Wheels! They'll come to you.

Mike Wollin Studios has officially partnered with Reels on Wheels to better accommodate Vancouver's busy working actors. 

Yup, a mobile service that's ready to work with the Lower Mainland.


Please Note: If you are located in an area requiring an hour or more of travel time, please call to discuss potential additional travel expenses. Thanks for understanding!


Book An Appointment


via Call(604) 719-1096



Shine in your debut!

If you're seeking representation, we can help with that! Work with any one of our fantastic acting coaches to put together a stunning package to present to industry professionals to showcase your capabilities.


Have you been working on some scenes that you now want to get polished? Bring them!


Package Details: 2 Contrasting Scenes in 3 Sessions!

  • Business Consultation

  • Professional Acting Coach to help you workshop the scenes.

  • Professional Camera Operator for video production and editing

  • Digital Copy and Live Link.




Please note: Signing with an agency is not guaranteed through this process. We have simply composed a game plan which incorporates the essentials actors typically are asked of when meeting other industry professionals (i.e. Agent)





Film and TV classes for youth and adults. Whether you're new to the biz or need a class to stay sharp, work with our awesome team of coaches to get you to the next level. 

Some 'general' details about our programs:

  • Want to Audit? Sure. Be prepared to jump in and get to work, we don't believe in audiences.

  • Our classes max out between 6 - 10 participants to ensure enough enough time for each student to work one-on-one with instructors. 

  • Each class is taught by a regular instructor, but as all of our instructors are working actors, there will be opportunities for guest instructors to jump in and teach!

  • We send out weekly homework emails to keep you in the loop and materials will be assigned accordingly. Please note that the emails could be sent a week before or up to the night before the day of class. This is to have students practice working in real time. Auditions come sporadically so no time to prepare like the present! 

  • All classes are ongoing and with that, you may find that students tend to continue in the same course(s) for multiple terms. It's similar to watching a movie. The first time around, you're introduced to everything at once. The second time around, you gain a deeper understanding and find details you initially missed. Each class is different as we do our best to cater to the specific students in the round. We also make note of who has worked on what (material wise) so even if we're revisiting certain concepts, they'll be assigned new materials unless we're revisiting for callbacks or another purpose.

  • Although we work in a classroom, we expect Professionalism. We encourage students to explore and fail as that is how we learn. Just like on set, when cameras are rolling, it is important to be quiet and pay attention so those up working can focus. 

  • Each actor works differently and our goal is to pass forward Safe Techniques that the actor can explore to see if it works for them as an individual, in a supportive environment.
    We Do Not teach Substitution.

  • Catch Up System: If a student has to miss a class, there is a possibility of scheduling a (semi)private catch up session. In the session, with an instructor, they would go over the concepts taught in the class they missed. To be eligible for a session, the student must notify the office prior to the specific class with one of the applicable reasons: illness, on set, at an audition, out of town, or prior commitment. Our thought behind it: Just because you can't make it to an in-room audition, you can still throw your hat in the ring by sending in a self-tape!  *Not applicable for some classes.*

  • Monthly payment-plans are available for weekly classes. Take advantage of discounts when you refer a friend/sibling or register for multiple courses!

  • Once a student has completed a full course, they qualify for the Returning Student Rate, applicable to any courses within the following 12 months. Please note this offer is only available toward our 6-week adult classes at this time.  

We focus on learning story, script structure, audition and on-camera techniques, and through various explorative exercises, the students are encouraged to find what works for them emotionally, psychologically, and physically. 

For all other services, please send us an email or call the studio!

Stay in the loop!

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