COVID-19 Protocols

As our instructors, staff members and students are in the film industry, we will follow film set protocols to continue ensuring the safety of all personnel at the studio. We encourage any feedback, suggestions, and questions!

Details of our current protocols at Shoreline Studios (subject to change without notice) are:

  1. One form of protection (face shield or mask) must be worn in all common areas of the facility and in the classroom, with the exception being during filming (ie. their audition). If you do not have a mask, please visit Reception (located upstairs) and we will provide you with one

  2. To limit the number of attendees at the studio, please arrive no earlier than five (5) minutes before your appointment time. Performers must come ready (wardrobe/hair/make-up done) whenever possible to limit their time in the facility.

  3. Be sure to visit the hand sanitizing station located beside the monitor (in the hallway) before you continue through the facility. Additional stations will be available throughout the facility.

  4. We are booking in-studio coaching and self-taping appointments as social distancing can be maintained.

  5. In-studio courses will be adjusted in size and structure to adhere to COVID-19 protocols. Courses are subject to move to an online platform or postponed if the BC CDC determines that, due to COVID-19, it is unsafe to hold in-studio classes.
    Proof of vaccination will be required to attend any in-person/in-studio classes for participants 12 years and up. Only permitted exceptions for cases in which a student is medically exempted with a doctor's note. 


  6. Prior to and following each appointment, equipment, seating, and all surfaces in the studio will be sanitized.​ 

  7. All main doorways will be propped open. Shoreline Studios works with numerous creatives and any office tenants are encouraged to keep their doors closed to prevent accidental entries.

  8. Due to limited space on the main stairway, please be mindful to allow for single use at any one time. When possible, please refrain from using the railings.

  9. Please abstain from touching anything that does not require contact (ie. plants, desks, chairs, paintings, etc). To prevent the spread of potential infection, we will be suspending the use of our water stations and while restrooms will be sanitized throughout the day, they are limited to emergency use.

  10. If at any time prior to a confirmed session, the performer or client at all feels unwell or even uncomfortable leaving their homes, we require them to cancel their audition time or booking - no questions asked. If we suspect a performer or client is less than 100% when they arrive, they will be asked to leave immediately.

We have a Zero Tolerance policy. Individuals violating these guidelines are subject to removal from the facility whether they have auditioned or not and will not be permitted reentry until they can insure their cooperation with the above protocols. Thank you for your understanding and support. Please contact us for more information as per below.

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