We know you value your time so let's do it right from the get-go. We work efficiently so that you can, too.


Our multi-purpose rooms are perfect for all sorts of productions and classes, but especially casting - whether for film, television, and/or commercials! With the expansion, we are proud to offer first-rate, extensively soundproofed studios with designated, spacious waiting areas for actors and casting assistants. Shoreline provides cutting-edge technology for capturing, editing, and posting. We're continuously upgrading services to match the latest trends.


Cast with ease - we're sure there's a lot to consider so why worry about anything else? Simply do what you came to do - work with the great talent in Vancouver. We'll take care of the rest.




Studios are 19' x 19' with 14' ceiling


Cycloramic with a Hard Surfaced Chroma Key Blue backdrop (Other backdrops available)


Ample Power Outlets


Equipped with HD Monitor, audio mixer, shotgun mic & tripod



We understand that sometimes the days go long, so with comfort in mind, we designed our space to be as inviting as a home living room. While guaranteed to impress, we also believe in working comfortably to work proficiently.


Need a team? We'll put one together for you. Our highly-trained, professional camera operators work with the latest tech to ensure that your sessions are captured seamlessly and presented at an industry standard.  To help those auditioning deliver a great performance, we'll bring in professional actors to read for you. Now all there's left for you to do is sit back and watch the magic.


If you already have a dedicated team and equipment, simply call for one of our beautifully-crafted rooms!


Please note: There are additional expenses if you need features that are not part of the unequipped studio rental package. Have any questions or need any further assistance, there's also on-site administrative office support available.


This studio is great for a variety of uses - from production offices to class work. Away from the other studios, it's perfect for the high volume of performers that come with commercial casting and especially any projects that require handicap accessibility.


Studio is 14' x 27' with 9' ceiling


Chroma Key Blue Fabric Backdrop (Other backdrops available)


Ample Power Outlets


Equipped with HD Monitor, audio mixer, shotgun mic & tripod



Can't make it to us? That's okay. We'll come to you!



Vancouver is rich with talented artists and we want to help you work with them. We've hosted sessions all across Canada and down south! 



If our space isn't the appropriate setting for your performers, we'll round up a dedicated team to capture what you need to see. Let's go to the environment where your talent can showcase their skills at peak level. We've got our extra socks for the hockey rink and flip flops for the pool!


Inquire about how Shoreline can take care of your upcoming location shoot!


Nevertheless, you'll have full access to the following benefits of booking with Shoreline Studios!

Parking Lot of Shoreline Studios on William St.
Loading Dock with Loading Bay Door, behind Shoreline Studios
Parking in front of Shoreline Studios


No longer do you need to stress about finding parking. Come to Shoreline, we have plenty all around!


Reserved parking available upon request.

Bonus: They're non-metered!


  • Three Restrooms (Handicap accessible)

  • Ample Storage Space

  • Locational Administrative Support

  • Open Concept Green Room with Large Skylights

  • Dedicated Wireless Internet

  • Equipped Kitchen

  • Conference Room

  • Various Lounge & Recreational Areas

  • Access to Loading Bay



How do you know if you're a directable actor? By working with a director. This workshop focuses on translating direction into actions.


TELUS Storyhive's stop-motion animation short: SOGGY FLAKES via Affolter Ent. is live! CATCH IT NOW!

ADDRESS:  1425 Charles St. Vancouver BC V5L 2S7


TELEPHONE:   604.874.9979

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