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This class involves demanding materials with difficult dialogue that fall in line with the kinds of work leading actors are asked to perform. You will learn to add depth and all the subtleties for a full, rounded performance, from beginning to end because every moment matters. You will work through a combination of breath and body and movement exercises, practice method work, and explore physical techniques to empower you to do your best work.

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Ideal for advanced actors needing a greater challenge. Hone your skills and bring more specificity to every aspect of your work. 

Acting is necessary, but auditioning is a skill. This intensive on-camera class is designed to challenge actors with the audition process from beginning to end. 


New audition scene(s) will be assigned the afternoon before class, with the expectation to come in fully off-book and ready to go. You’ll develop a focused process, allowing you to explore your character and objectives more quickly while remaining true to the unique tone and style of each network. Use the small window of time you have to your advantage and better meet the demand that's to come with online casting.

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You will tackle complex stories with demanding characters and be challenged to make new discoveries at every turn. To fully understand and carry out your character’s arc, you must know the ins and outs of your script. Each scene can not live on its own; learn to build depth with the links that drive your character through the story, while playing as presently as possible. 

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This ongoing class is designed to help actors know what they bring to the table, leave auditions with confidence, and walk onto set with ease. 

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