You will be challenged to create richer characters, understand their complexity and immerse yourself, so not only do you see the world you've created, but so does your audience. 


This class involves demanding materials with difficult dialogue that fall in line with the kinds of work leading actors are asked to perform. You will learn to add depth and all the subtleties for a full, rounded performance, from beginning to end because every moment matters. You will work through a combination of breath and body and movement exercises, practice method work, and explore physical techniques to empower you to do your best work. 


Actors in this class must have a firm grasp of Scene Study and Audition Choices.  Learn to use tactics effectively to make bold choices that align with strong stories and find the difficult emotions to create authentic and fearless work that stands out as your own. 


Ideal for advanced actors needing a greater challenge. Hone your skills and bring more specificity to every aspect of your work. 

This class is invite-only or by application. New actors to our courses are welcome to audition as spots become available.

Please include your headshot, resume, training history and/or demo reel footage (class work is accepted) in your registration for review. We will be in touch to confirm the status of your application.

SEP. 12 - OCT. 24 (6 Weeks)

Note: No classes Thanksgiving Weekend

GROUP: 12 - 15 YEARS


TIME: 2:30PM - 5:30PM (3 hrs)

MAXIMUM: 6 Students

COST: $490.00 (+GST)

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Actor, Producer
Audition Coach, Instructor