AGE GROUP: 12 - 17 YRS

Voice-Over work in Vancouver has grown exponentially in the past couple of decades and we now voice some of North America's largest animated franchises and countless ads for radio and television.


It's a fun, high-energy route to practice your acting chops. These classes will have you working on animation, commercial, and narration roles. Learn how to use your voice to bring fun characters to life, how to get your emotions across without having the convenience of using body language, and how to express your ideas with a clarity that will leave your audience emotionally connected to the story.


To provide the ultimate learning experience, we encourage our students to learn from various perspectives and bring in some of the top working voice actors in Vancouver. Our instructors have voiced all sorts of productions: from infomercials and PSAs, to characters in 'The Dragon Prince', Netflix's 'Tarzan & Jane', and most recently, 'The Willoughbys'!




  • To make strong and fast character decisions 

  • How to work the mic

  • Take direction and make quick changes

  • Voice Archetypes

  • How to shine with your own unique take on characters

  • How to audition in an incredibly competitive, but incredibly rewarding, industry.

 *Please Note: Students will not be provided with a demo reel at the end of these courses.  Please contact us for more information regarding making your own demo reel. Students enrolled must possess strong reading skills. 


APRIL 18 - JUNE 13 (8 Weeks)

Note: No classes on Statutory Holidays


TIME: 2:30PM - 5:30PM (3 hrs)


MAXIMUM: 8 Students

COST: $490.00 (+GST)

     monthly payment plan available

     inquire about our sibling, referral & multi-class discounts!



  • Want to Audit? Sure. Be prepared to jump in and get to work, we don't believe in audiences.

  • ​Each class is taught by a Regular Instructor, but as all of our instructors are working actors, there will be opportunities for Guest Instructors to jump in and teach!


  • We send out Weekly Homework Emails to keep you in the loop and materials will be assigned accordingly. Please note that the emails can be sent a week before or up to the night before the day of class. This is to have students practice working in real time. Auditions come sporadically so no time to prepare like the present! 

  • All Classes Are Ongoing and with that, you may find that students tend to continue in the same course(s) for multiple terms. It's similar to watching a movie. The first time around, you're introduced to everything at once. The second time around, you gain a deeper understanding and find details you initially missed. Each class is different as we do our best to cater to the specific students in the round. We also make note of who has worked on what (material wise) so even if we're revisiting certain concepts, they'll be assigned new materials (unless for callbacks or another purpose).

  • Although we work in a classroom, we expect Professionalism. We encourage students to explore and fail as that is how we learn. Just like on set, when cameras are rolling, it is important to be quiet and pay attention so those up working can focus. 

  • Each actor works differently and our goal is to pass forward Safe Techniques that the actor can explore to see if it works for them as an individual, in a supportive environment.
    We Do Not teach Substitution.


  • Catch Up System: If a student has to miss a class, there is a possibility of scheduling a (semi)private catch up session. In the session, with an instructor, they would go over the concepts taught in the class they missed. To be eligible for a session, the student must notify the office prior to the specific class with one of the applicable reasons: illness, on set, at an audition, out of town, or prior commitment. Our thought behind it: Just because you can't make it to an in-room audition, you can still throw your hat in the ring by sending in a self-tape!  *Not applicable for some classes.



How do you know if you're a directable actor? By working with a director. This workshop focuses on translating direction into actions.


TELUS Storyhive's stop-motion animation short: SOGGY FLAKES via Affolter Ent. is live! CATCH IT NOW!

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