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Well Nobody Told Me That

If you've been a part of this industry for a while now, you've probably noticed that it's a strange industry where there's no 411 handbook, yet you're kind of just expected to be in the know. If you're new... welcome to the acting world. It sucks (SOMETIMES). You're gonna love it!

In this blog, we're going through the top 5 things our instructors and coaches learned only through experience!


1. Casting Directors are allies, but they're not the ones that hire you.

Not to say that they aren't part of the hiring process, but they don't have final say. The producers do. I wish I had known that as it would've helped with the audition nerves. Since then, I've learned to go in and just have fun. They're hoping you'll be the missing puzzle piece and are rooting for you. Casting directors are like cheerleaders.

Gabrielle Union in 'Bring It On'

2. Do the work.

Even if you're going in for a one-liner. Or no-liner. Do the work. Study the character, the scene. What's the importance of this scene? What's the purpose of my character? Invest the time. There are so many things that are out of your control. This part though is yours.

3. Follow your gut.

Talking the talk is one thing, but walking the walk is a whole other story. It's important to trust yourself, especially if something doesn't feel right. It's also important to know that it's ok. Stand your ground. The worst thing is showing up on set and not being able to follow through with what you thought would be "fine".

4. Get a life.

Dedication to the craft is great, but when you're just an actor, you're boring. Be more than just an actor. Acting is all about living lives. The more you explore the world and yourself, the more you can bring to the table. So take the salsa classes, go on the trip, pick up the guitar. Start writing. Whatever it is, do it. Be a fuller person. Acting will be there.

Jim Carrey in 'Yes Man'

5. Enjoy the journey. Have Fun!

Acting can be stressful, and frankly, sometimes depressing. There will be times when nothing's coming back and you start questioning what you're doing with your life. First off, you're far from being alone. Every actor I know probably goes through this mental process once a year? Haha. It sounds crazy, but that's why you gotta love it. Keep yourself busy. Find the excitement in each and everything you do.

What are some things you've learned from experience? Let us know in the comments!

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