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Audition Study

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Age Group
14 - 18 Yrs
$520.00 + GST
Type of Course
6 Weeks
Max. Participants
6 Students
Vancouver - In Studio

Acting is an art, but auditioning is a skill. This intensive on-camera class is designed to challenge actors with the audition process from beginning to end.


New audition scene(s) will be assigned the afternoon before class, with the expectation to come in fully off-book and ready to go. Class is a place to learn and fail, but that doesn’t change your level of commitment. Practice like you play. Impressions last and the little things matter. Learn how to use your frame to your advantage and captivate your audience with effective eye lines. Whether you are going for a day player or the lead, just knowing the lines is not enough - specificity is imperative.


You’ll develop a focused process, allowing you to explore your character and objectives more quickly while remaining true to the unique tone and style of each network. Use the small window of time you have to your advantage and better meet the demand that's to come with online casting.


Not only will you hone your audition skills, you will also read and operate camera to learn from every angle and develop the technical skills necessary to tape in this brave new landscape. Our goal is a confident, self-directed actor, open and available to redirection and adjustment. Let’s get to work!


Dates: Sep. 7 - Oct. 26

Time: 2:30PM - 5:30PM

Instructor: Curtis Lum

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