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"Action Acting" for the Screen

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You will learn the skill-set needed to impress Casting & Directors alike! Put yourself ahead of your competition and nail that job! An understanding of stunt requirements and what you might be called upon to deliver could mean added confidence and a better performance.  Don't miss your chance to stand out!


Some exercises will include: on camera fight technique (ie. kicking and falling into crash mats), firearms safety, *squib training, and wire work. Once you've gotten the chance to practice the basics, get ready to be put to the test! It's time to incorporate the acting in action acting! With the given scenario, build your own fight choreography! For example, you may be taken hostage and have to learn how to deal with the situation - especially what to look for as far as safety is concerned.


*SQUIB: Squibs are generally used to mimic the effect of a gunshot on the body. They are small electrically fired explosive charges that rest behind a blood pack under the clothing. Basically it's a firecracker that is fired remotely.



Wire Work

Stunts 101 (Terminology)

The PUNCH and the Critical "Sell"


Firearms Technique and Safety

Hitting the Ground - Make It Look like it Hurts!

With decades of experience, their stories are incomparable.


This 6 hour intensive has been created for Shoreline Studios by Peter Kent.  Peter started doubling Hollywood's biggest action star Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Terminator and went on to make 14 films with Arnold!  With over 75 acting credits, Peter has worked with Hollywood heavy hitters such as producer Joel Silver, and directors Walter Hill, Ivan Reitman and James Cameron!

Check out the link below to learn more about Peter.


Film armourer and weapons expert, Jon Funk, will be working with the participants on weapons safety and the etiquette of firearms for film.  Jon has also worked on set as an actor, stunt coordinator, and special effects supervisor!


Shoreline Studios

1425 Charles Street, Vancouver B.C.  V5L 2S7

YOUTH GROUP (8 - 16 YEARS).......................................................TBA

10:00AM - 4:30PM

10 Participants

$250.00 (plus GST)


ADULT GROUP (16 + YEARS)..........................................................TBA

10:00AM - 4:30PM

10 Participants

$250.00 (plus GST)

OPTIONAL SQUIB: $70.00 (plus GST)

NOTE:  You will have the opportunity to get “squibbed” for an additional cost of $70 (plus tax). The deadline to register and participate in the squib portion of the workshop is TBC. As each one is ordered and individually constructed, we can't guarantee squib requests after this time. Participants are still able to join the standard workshop. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have parental permission, in a signed release, before we can accept you into the workshop. If you are participating in the squib training: please arrange to bring a shirt for the squib to be attached to. As it's an explosive, the shirt will not be returned. 


Guideline: Button Up Shirt must be non-white, non-dark, and non-patterned. As an explosive is being attached to your shirt, said shirt won't be returned. We highly encourage Value Village if there's not something old, in the back of your closet.


Individual, raw footage can be expected within 1 - 2 weeks.

Participants are welcome to take photos and videos throughout the workshop. 

YOUTH GROUP (8 - 16 YEARS)...........
ADULT GROUP (16 + YEARS).............

See what others had to say about the workshop


“The stunt course is the best!  It’s really fun – you can do wireworks and learn how to fight and get shot. 

I thought it was the best course in the world”

- A. Croft,  Participant

"I had so much fun at the Stunt Workshop with Peter Kent. He was the stunt double for Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Learned lots of fun stuff!"

- T. Saunders, Participant

"He learned so much. We really enjoyed the teachings of Jon and Peter. They spoke in a way for one to listen. Even aside the class just talking to them about the whole martial arts was fascinating. They are very down to earth and easy going. Please let us know if they ever offer another workshop. It was great for Nikolas to understand the safety and that there is more behind scenes than what appears on screen. For that as a mother I was grateful to hear and how they expressed it. It goes beyond words and now feel assured and supportive if this is something he wants to pursue."

- K. Dukic, Parent

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