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Robyn Ross


Actor | Coach

Camera Operator

Robyn Ross’ acting career started over four decades ago with a soup commercial and she’s been working ever since. Nominated for three Leo Awards and a Best Actress in a Cable Series/Youth In Film Award for her lead role on Nickelodeon’s “Fifteen”, with Ryan Reynolds, other selected credits include, the Farrelly brothers’s TV show “Loudermilk”, a recurring role in the acclaimed Netflix series “Riverdale”, the Oscar nominated, “Juno” (director Jason Reitman), “Lucky Seven”, with Patrick Dempsey, “I Want to Marry Ryan Banks” with Bradley Cooper and Jason Priestly, a recurring role on Showtime’s trailblazing, “The L Word” , Cedar Cove with Andie MacDowell and her starring role as Ellie Holman in the acclaimed indie feature, "Suck It Up Buttercup". Robyn has also worked in the voice over world with many roles in the “Megaman” cartoon series including one of the leads, Stacey Forsythe, in Capcom’s very popular “Dead Rising” video game franchise and most recently in the Ricky Gervais animated feature film “The Willoughby’s”. She has studied acting in New York with the venerable Michael Howard and Michael Shurtleff. With an unwavering love for acting, Robyn continues to be inspired by teaching others her craft and finds constant inspiration through the eyes of the actors she has the honor of coaching.

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Robyn Ross
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