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Morgana Wyllie

Co-Creative Director | Instructor

Actor | Producer | Coach

Camera Operator

Morgana Wyllie is an actress and producer with over a decade of experience in Vancouver’s film industry. Originally from Edmonton, AB, Wyllie began her theatre training at the age of 9 with Edmonton's Citadel Theatre. She then attended Victoria School of the Arts, where she studied Acting and Directing, and received notoriety for her acting performances in various productions, including best actress in ’The Laramie Project'. After graduating from VSA she spent 2 years training full time under Scott Swan in West Vancouver's Seacoast Studios. Wyllie has earned credits on over 30 series and features. Her credits include independent feature films and productions for Netflix, TNT, Hallmark, Lifetime and Freeform.

In addition to being an Actor herself, Wyllie is a veteran acting coach and casting associate — she has passionately coached hundreds of actors ranging from young children to seasoned adults for their auditions, on-set preparation, and in ongoing classes.

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Morgana Wyllie
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