Why does one scene soar and another sink?


Have you ever witnessed one that didn’t come together as it could have? Should have? You can see the actors are making choices to progress it forward, but something is missing in a word, connection. Connection, though a great word, is shallow. A great scene shows us the relationship in all its forms.


If you have RELATIONSHIP, everything is lifted by it. Yes, connecting with your partner is part of it, but learning what your character wants, needs, and feels about the other person is where a rapport and real bond come from. When two characters share, the good and bad, is when we can’t take our eyes off of the screen.


This ongoing scene study class will have you practice breaking down your scene, finding its depth with text analysis, including finding the beginning, middle, and end, building a living, breathing, grounded character; those are our basic expectations. The goal is to have you find and create a relationship with your partner so you can achieve it in every scene you do.


What are your goals for your scenes? We can help you master them with this class!

Please Note: Participants will be paired up and expected to rehearse outside of class time to maximize their work in the room. Due to COVID, we encourage students to connect online (ie. Zoom). Students are welcome to book studio space to rehearse. 

MAY 30 - JUL. 4 (6 Weeks)



TIME: 6:30PM - 9:30PM (3 hrs)

MAXIMUM: 6 Students

COST: $380.00 (+GST)

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