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DAY: Thursdays                                 

TIME: 6:00PM - 10:00PM (4 Hours)



 DURATION: Ongoing in 6-Week Terms

MAXIMUM: 10 Students

TUITION: $430.00 + GST     

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    monthly payment plan available

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This class is designed to help you get where you want to be as an actor, a working one, the fastest way possible. The Chop Shop is designed to improve your performance through understanding of connection, camera angles and most importantly - through self analysis: the ultimate “On Camera Scene Study” class. 


Two cameras will film you and your scene partner while you perform your scene.  The filming is being fed into a 'live' editing system. You and your partner will then watch the edited scene, with the rest of your peers, instantly after your scene has ended. We will then go over your work, see where improvements can be made and discuss why the improvements are needed.  Then, with direction and guidance, you will perform the scene again and once again watch your performance.  This will help you work on your ability to take direction and apply it on the spot, which is one of the most important factors during an audition.


Think you’re done learning? Not yet!  You now get to go behind the camera and shoot your fellow students.  By filming, you will get to see how important camera angles, audio, and being “on your mark”, as an actor, are.  This training is optimal in really learning all the nuances of being a working actor.  


If you are looking for a class to push yourself to your limits and get the benefits of improving rapidly, look no further as this is it! Not only will your scene work improve but your auditioning technique will grow as well. This class will keep you on your toes, sharp and a cut above the rest. 





How do you know if you're a directable actor? By working with a director. This workshop focuses on translating direction into actions.


TELUS Storyhive's stop-motion animation short: SOGGY FLAKES via Affolter Ent. is live! CATCH IT NOW!

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