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This industry is a wild one and you're sort of expected to know everything on Day 1... yet the information isn't always readily available. We believe in working smarter, not harder - our motto is ‘budget your budget and budget your time’. It’s your career so let’s do everything we can to make it the one you want. 


Aside from being a professional screenwriter and co-owner of Shoreline Studios, Kim Chinchilla has been navigating the world of being a mom of a working actor (Grayson Gurnsey - Virgin River, Game-On) for 11 years and counting.


She has jumped through the hoops, learned the do’s and don’ts, and is now here to share her decades of experience. Book a one-on-one tailored industry talk and get all the inside tips so you’re ready for your turn. 


Whether you’re an actor or a parent of an actor, come with your questions and we’ll get you answers.

"I can't tell you how thankful we are to you for your time and knowledge. You are a fountain of information and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with you... It certainly helped us a ton!"

- Stacey, John, and Sophia P.

Who Is Kim Chinchilla?

Kim Chinchilla has been in the industry in one form or another for three decades. A graduate of the Mount Royal Theatre Art Performing stream she quickly moved forward into writing. It most definitely would have remained her focus had fate not stepped in, in the form of her 8-year-old son declaring he was an actor and that his life and passion were passing before his eyes. (He may have gotten his dramatic flair from her) Her son was able to get into an adult-only yearlong workshop and Kim thought life would get back to normal. How wrong she was, becoming the parent of an actor is intense. Think being a hockey mom but juggle schedules and driving with learning to prepare an acting package, find an agent, teach her young son how to interact with professionals, and self-tape for starters. Then he was cast in a series in Africa, and she knew it was not going to be a hobby he'd drop. Fast forward a couple of years and Kim's son chose to train at Shoreline Studios while they lived in Vancouver during pilot season. Loving the atmosphere and the people, she offered to help in any way she could. When the owners decided to retire she mourned what she believed would be the loss of their Vancouver home-base. Luckily, she wasn’t the only one who wanted to keep Shoreline running and Mike Wollin with Christina Tran took over the studio. Soon Kim was working alongside them, giving her the opportunity to help actors, just like her son, find a home to train and a community to join. This gave her the final piece to the puzzle, seeing acting from the casting and production side. Kim passions occupy every portion of her life. She is a proud wife, mother, studio owner, and writer, and loves sharing what knowledge she has, with those who want it.

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